Name Leilani - Meaning and origin

Name Leilani - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

In the Hawaiian language, the name Leilani means "celestial crown" or "flower of paradise".


Leilani Sarelle is an American actress. Leilani Jones is also an American actress.
Leilani Munter is a racing driver of American origin and an environmental activist.
Leilani Bishop is an American actress and model.
Leilani Franco is a contortionist of British origin.

His character :

Leilani is a sensitive girl, charming and with a strong potential for seduction. Intuitive and imaginative, she longs for great things and makes every effort to get everything she wants done as quickly as possible. However, achieving one's goals is not easy. Because of her hypersensitivity, she often has to deal with moments of stress that are sometimes disturbing. Being also hyperemotional, Leilani has a strong tendency to want to depend on others. She needs constant tenderness. Also, she spends a lot of her time looking for love with others.
Sociable, warm and communicative, she likes to make contact with others while hoping that she will fall on Prince Charming who will make him live a real fairy tale. However, the dependent side of Leilani is counterbalanced by his caution and natural mistrust. Indeed, although she needs others, she does not give herself easily. You have to earn your trust before it is completely revealed to others. However, once she knows she can count on someone, she is open and sociable. Leilani has a very practical mind that allows her to carry out all the tasks she undertakes. A hard worker, she can cut down a huge amount of work on her own if she is motivated by what she does.


Lailani, Leilanie, Leilany and Lei.

His party :

There is no party for people named Leilani.

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