Name Jun - Meaning and origin

Name Jun - Meaning and origin

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The origin of the name Jun is Chinese and like many names of Asian origin, Jun is worn by both girls and boys.
Jun means "beautiful", "esteemed" and "obedient", "affectionate" "pure", "authentic" and "natural" in Japanese.
It is also the diminutive of "junior" in English.


Jun Miyake, Japanese trumpet player and composer, Jun Matsumoto, radio host, dancer, singer and Japanese actor, Jun Fukuyama, nicknamed JunJun, Japanese actor, Jun Maeda, writer ...

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His character :

The Jun are idealistic, sensitive, shy and tender. Man or woman, the Jun are emotional and inspired by all that surrounds them, particularly interested in aesthetics, art and everything that touches directly or indirectly to the human being. They like to be surrounded by their loved ones.


Joon, June, Jam, Jaym, John, Jeane, Jane, Jeen, Jem, Jen, Jenoe, Jean, Jhan, Jhon, Jim, Jimm, Jin, Jinn, and Joan.

His party :

The Jun do not celebrate in France.

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