Your Advent calendar of good ideas

Your Advent calendar of good ideas

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From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. A nice way to put your heart into a party and calm impatience.

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Your Advent Calendar of Good Ideas (24 photos)

1. Scented atmosphere for Christmas

A house or an apartment that smells like the sweetness of the holidays, it's so nice! In addition, it's very easy!

Click here

2. Party candle holders

Small lights that twinkle in the evening, nothing like to shine the eyes of children ... and install the magic of the holidays.

With your brushes! Click here

3. Decors of fir in salt dough

Homemade fir decorations? Your budding artists will be proud to make them before suspending them themselves.

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4. Surprise boots

In front of the fireplace, hung on the tree or simply hanging on the doorframe, Santa's boots heal the decor and welcome some treats for the enjoyment of the little ones.

It kicks me! Click here to see the explanations

5. Meudon white window trim

Do not forget to invite the snow by blanking your windows. Rather than using bomb-blowing snow that would be difficult to clean, if you bought Meudon blanc, also called white of Spain.

How to use: click here

6. Merry Christmas is written in all languages

Say "Merry Christmas" in several languages. Better, to decorate, write all these merry Christmas in letters of color. It will be unifying, warm and very decorative!

Invitation to travel, click here!

7. Gourmet decorations

Make shortbreads that you cut in the shape of stars, Christmas balls, Christmas tree ... with cookie cutters, then decorate them like a chef with royal icing.

A royal idea is here!

8. The fir stars

Are you looking for an original idea to decorate your tree and to take care of your impatient little ones before Christmas? Here is a simple DIY that will put stars in the eyes of your little elves.

A do-it-yourself party, click here.

9. A game: review of details for Christmas

Here is a funny little game around Christmas, to propose to your elves from 4 years. A Christmas man drawn on which we add details ...

We play ? Click here

10. Christmas cookies

Today, concoct a fastoche cookie recipe to treat your little gourmands. It's the party before time!

In the kitchen, the recipe here ...

11. A garland of stars and cardboard hearts

Paper, cardboard, stickers and presto, create a beautiful garland with your child. To hang in the tree, on the wall of the living room or his bedroom ...

A DIY party, click here.

12. One game: Santa's hood

He will soon arrive with his hood, Santa Claus! What impatience ... so, wait, propose to your elves this little fun game.

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13. Festival of Lights

Decorative and deliciously scented, mandarin mini candles are easy to make. Just buy some mandarins, oranges or clementines and follow our explanations.

Let there be light, click here ...

14. The roses of the sands

Here is a nice dessert to devour ... eyes too! A good idea also small gourmet gifts to offer to the family wrapped in a beautiful box. If your children are big enough, they can give you a little help ...

Yum, we're enjoying it, click here!

15. Christmas hearts

In red and white, felt hearts to hang on the tree or gift packages. A DIY idea easy to achieve with your elves.

A decorative idea, click here.

16. The decorated candles

Pretty candles stitched with bits of wire decorated with pearls, a nice DIY idea to propose to your children.

It's beautiful, click here!

17. Easy truffles

Quickly discover this recipe for chocolate truffles ultra easy to make. To treat every palate ...

The recipe here.

18. The Kougelhopf: the Alsatian brioche of Christmas

During the holidays in Alsace, no breakfast without this delicious brioche recipe! The best recipes? That of the Willy pastry shop in Munster, which generously gave us its manufacturing secrets.

The Kougelhopf, the recipe here.

19. The Christmas angel

And if we made an angel, my angel! It's gone. Here's an easy DIY idea. Cardboard, stickers, a little white ball ... you're done!

With your scissors, it's here!

20. Table decoration

To match the decor of your table to that of your tree, some pretty balls become centerpiece. A DIY of parties.

How beautiful, click here!

21. One game: the snowman

Draw a snowman. On each part of his body, enter a number up to 5 (for example 1 for the body, 2 for the head, 3 for the arms, 4 for the eyes and 5 for the cap) ...

The rest of the game here.

22. Homemade gift wrap

And if in the gift, the important thing was ... the paper gift just? Made with love in four hands! With your toddler, be creative, you just need as raw material Kraft paper and some paintings ...

We tinker? Click here !

23. Custom pebbles to decorate the table

To brighten up your party table in an original way, why not get started in simple pebbles? A DIY idea that will please your elves.

Pebble recycling, click here.

24. The gingerbread men

For Christmas, make this typical recipe from Switzerland, Appenzell's Gingerbread. In galette, or better, in the form of a little gingerbread man, this recipe is still made in this Swiss canton.

What a treat, the recipe here!

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