A puppet theater

A puppet theater

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So do, do, do ... little puppets! This is a game your child loves, the puppets. Then place manual work with this beautiful theater to impress friends, cousins ​​... Here are our manufacturing secrets.

Agnes Barboux

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A puppet theater (4 pics)


For the structure ?:
1 cardboard box open in front, closed at the back
? 2 pieces of fabric of the same size for the curtains
? glue.
? For the decor? :
? felts, paint
? glitter glue (optional)
? 2 pieces of double-sided scratch
? 1 cutter.


Have your child decorate the outside and inside of the cardboard box.
Felt, paint, glitter glue ... it's up to him to create the decor of his choice.


Glue the two curtains inside the box, on the front. ?
To open them, you will keep them up with the scratch tips glued to each side.


In the bottom of the box, cut out one or two large windows so that the puppets can show themselves.
If your child does not have puppets, draw a head on the indexes of an old pair of gloves and let your child interpret his characters.