Name Hendrick - Meaning and Origin

Name Hendrick - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Henri, Hendrick is made up of Germanic roots heim and rik, resulting respectively in "house" and "king".


The Dutch engraver Hendrick Danckerts (died 1680), the Dutch painter Hendrick ter Brugghen (died 1629), the South African athlete Hendrick Mokganyetsi, the French portraitist and poet Hendrick van Hulst (died 1754) ...

Henry was crowned Emperor of Germany in 1002. During his reign, he favored the establishment of peace and Christianization. To honor the Pope, Henry built the Archdiocese of Bamberg and built the tomb of the latter. After his death in 1024 and his advice, his wife Cunégonde shared his property with the poor and devoted himself to prayer.

His character :

Hendrick is Zen in all circumstances. However, behind his soft and calm airs hides a true warrior, ready to do anything to reach the end of his dreams. His iron will and his love of power only come to light when he feels really passionate about his activity. Endowed with an unshakable confidence in himself, he is both bold and combative. His keen intelligence, combined with his exemplary resourcefulness, is the key to his success.

Hendrick also does not lack qualities of heart. Listening to others and understanding, he embodies a perfect confidant. Generous and helpful, he is always willing to help.


Endrick, Hendrik, Hendric, Hendricks, Hendryck, Hendryk ...

His party :

The people named Hendrick are honored on July 13th.

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