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Everything to live well the autumn

Everything to live well the autumn

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It's an important moment in your child's life ... and yours! Back in nursery, kindergarten, primary, 6th: discover all our tips, health, shopping. To start this new school year on top!

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10 tips to help you get back to school

Summer holidays, it's nice! Two months to rest, have fun ... But a few days before the start, it is important to find a rhythm adapted to this academic recovery and to organize well to avoid stress. Our advices.

First comeback to kindergarten: help him get on track

The big day of his first return to kindergarten is approaching. Remember that this year, the school is mandatory from 3 years. How to best prepare your child for this change of pace and environment? The advice of our specialist. I reassure him!

Baby's entrance: how to facilitate the separation?

After a holiday with baby, comes the time to leave ... You resume work and your toddler returns to the nursery or the nanny. The advice of Anne Gatecel, psychologist, to prepare and live better this separation. Our advices.

The alphabet of his first year of school

Your child enters a small kindergarten section? Here is a primer to read and download keywords to know to accompany him throughout his first year of school. And ensure the return of your little one in all serenity ... or almost! To the alphabet.

Back in kindergarten: how to accompany it?

This year, it returns in small, medium or large sections? Some income has a special status in the life of a child and in the head of his parents. The very first kindergarten in small section is one of them. And the others then, they count for butter? Of course not ! Our advice for his return.

Return of the CP to the 6th: how to accompany it?

Passage to the CP, entry in 6th ... some receipts are symbolically more important than the others. Yet, they are all unique for your child, who takes new steps with them in their emotional development. Our advice for his return

Schoolbags for kindergarten

Backpack or small bags for kindergarten ... equip your young schoolboy with these novelties of the autumn. You will also find our tips for choosing it and help your schoolboy to "do his school bag". our selection

Crafts make their comeback

A slate cow, funny animals to fix on his pencils, a pencil pot giraffe, calendars to organize well ... propose to your schoolboy these crafts of re-entry! See the crafts

Crèche: the morning reception

Your child will soon enter the nursery and this new step will worry you a bit ... How to establish a safe routine for you and your little one? Georgia, nursery nurse at Les Clochettes nursery, in Paris, gives you some advice, with Pierre and his mother, Laurence. I watch the video.

10 commandments for his entry into kindergarten

The first school year, it sometimes happens as a letter to the post. And sometimes not. Tips for getting things started at school We stay zen!

In form for the return!

His health worries you ... and that's normal! Vaccines, general condition, dentition, hearing ... Back is the right time to make a general point on his health. The assurance for you to be reassured ... and for him to spend a year at the top health side. I take care of his health.

6 essential points to choose a binder in primary

You want it ergonomic not to spoil the back of your child, but he prefers a fun binder, with the image of his favorite hero. Here are some tips to make the right choice, with Daniel Ribaud-Chevrey, physiotherapist. The ideal binder is how?

Doudou and lollipop: what place at school?

Your toddler will enter kindergarten ... but can he bring his blanket or lollipop? The answer is yes ! Kindergarten teachers are well aware of the importance of these "precious" objects. Is he right or not?

And if it is not clean at the start of the school year?

Your child will go to school and is not completely clean ... That is said, even if the information has not been so clearly expressed before the high authorities of the school. You dread, indeed, that she refuses your little schoolboy. What is it really ? The point on cleanliness.

How to resume the rhythm before the return

In a few days, your child will go back to school ... and the rhythm that goes with it! To prepare it at best, it is essential to help him to settle down now by gradually forgetting the habits of the holidays. How to help?

10 free time schedules to print

Time use dinosaurs, princesses, cats, pirates, unicorns, robots ... it will be easy and fun to get organized this year! Here are 10 free templates to print to please your schoolchild according to his passions of the moment. I benefit!

Books to prepare the return

First steps to school, lice, canteen ... new adventures await your little ones. To prepare for the start of the season, here is the selection of the editorial staff, with novelties and also classics that have proved their worth. Our selection.

30 coloring for the return

For back to school, instead of coloring! It's funny to give beautiful colors to school ... and presto a beautiful red and blue schoolbag, and hop a mistress all pink (or green), and hop multicolored friends ... Discover our free 30 coloring pages to print. I print coloring!

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