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Give the baby bath or bottle to your baby, dress, breastfeed, wear, nose, bed, massage ... our videos child care show you the right gestures and advise you.

The baby's toilet

With his daughter Alice, 2 months, Melanie found the right rhythm: a bath at night to spend a good night and small toiletries in the morning to properly approach the day. Eyes, ears, nose: nothing escapes his vigilance as a mother concerned about the well-being of her daughter.

The toilet video.

Breastfeeding baby

Nothing is more natural than breastfeeding your baby, and yet it is better to know some good things. Nathalie, mother of little Théophile, 3 months, you unveils them so that you can live serenely these magical moments.

Breastfeeding on video

Give the bottle to the baby

Nestled in the arms of Camille, his mother, Theodore, 4 months, appreciates the moment of the bottle. To share serenely this moment of tenderness, Camille has planned everything. Find his advice and the good gestures.

Give the bib 'video.

Give the baby bath

The bath ... a moment of complicity that Sebastien loves to share with his little Ella, 6 months. Soaping on the changing plane, rinsing in the bath ... in pro dad, it leaves nothing to chance and shows you the good gestures in video.

Bathing it in video.

Dress up baby

Body, socks, pants or bloomer ... when she chooses her outfits and prepares her daughter, Stephanie is always very tender. As for Lilou, 6 months, she seems to have more trouble to accept this exercise without fidgeting. Fortunately, her mother has made sure gestures and everything is going well.

Dress it up in video.

Wear your baby well

At the maternity ward, then at home, Constance learned to keep Joseph well, 4 months ago today. To adapt the portage to the different moods of your baby, here are his tips.

Video porting.

Swaddle baby

By recreating an enveloping cocoon, swaddling reassures your baby, soothing and promoting his sleep. Since the birth of his daughter Maxime, now 3 months old, Maeva has adopted this technique. Step by step, she shows you how to start this ritual with your infant.

His advice in video.

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