Hellen Meaning - Origin and definition

Hellen Meaning - Origin and definition

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Helen, the name Hellen derives its origins from the Greek word Hele resulting in "sun burst".


No celebrity named Hellen, your princess perhaps?

Helene lived in the third century and was the concubine of Constance Chlore with whom she had a son, Constantine. Caesar made Constance an emperor, and the latter dismissed Helen. In 325, the illegitimate son of Constance and Helen became emperor. His mother Helene rose to the rank of Empress and converted to Christianity. She then devoted her life to promoting the expansion of her religion.

His character :

Hellen is full of energy and does not hold up. Having a constant need to be at the heart of the action, she is distinguished by her careless nature. Small, Hellen already reveals his dispersion, his joie de vivre and his character boiling. She needs to be surrounded and supervised to learn to control her emotions and especially to stabilize herself. As a child, she will find her balance in the family or at school.


Helena, Helen, Elena, Ellen, Helen, Elenna, Elina, Elinah, Hellene, Elen, Elene and Eleen.

His party :

Hellen is celebrated on August 18th.

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