Getting pregnant: 10 smart tips

Getting pregnant: 10 smart tips

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Pregnant ... it's time to put your body in value without feeling guilty because of your curves. On the contrary ! Materials, shapes, colors ... our advice to choose the silhouette of these nine months.

  • 1. Look after your look! Just because you're pregnant does not mean you have to neglect your outfits. Avoid the fattening jogging and the formless t-shirt. You have shapes and it is the moment to put them in value ... with subtlety.
  • 2. Materials sidechoose mesh, cotton, viscose, Lycra, jersey ... anything that is comfortable, comfortable and does not interfere with your movements.
  • 3. Skirts, pants ... choose models with elastic waist for comfort and especially for your belly that will round off.
  • 4. For the bottom, prefer the underpants for comfort and the cigarette pants to refine the lower body.
  • 5. Structure your silhouette with high shoulders and tapered and tight bottom to lengthen your line. The opaque black tights up the silhouette and this can be useful.
  • 6. To lengthen your figure, prefer pretty snug fit to blurry. This will put your belly in value.
  • 7. Avoid trapezoid shapes or "shades" which impatent. This is not very pretty in normal times, so pregnant ... Also beware of loose dresses that hug the silhouette or too big clothes that are not very flattering.
  • 8. Dare the necklines, especially U-shaped or trapezoidal shape that enhance the round breasts and enhance the breast of future moms. also think of a good bra, essential from the 4th month of pregnancy.
  • 9. Choose cheerful colors and "look good" like reds, pinks, blues. Be careful with very bright tones if you have a lot of curves because they emphasize them. The pastel colors are also flattering for the complexion (and give a touch of youth if necessary). Avoid the yellow and green which often give poor appearance.
  • 10. For shoes, wear flat heels or not too high (no more than 5 cm) to avoid tiring your legs or even a sprain! As a rule, they must maintain the foot.

Karine Ancelet