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Safety in nursery: eyes closed!

Safety in nursery: eyes closed!

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Get a place in a nursery, you dream. Happiness, but microbes galore! Too bad, if it's the price to pay for the socialization and educational awakening of your little one ... and for the tranquility of your mind ... because at the nursery, we do not joke with the safety of children!

The nursery: a highly regulated reception area

  • The opening of a manger is not done with a snap. It requires authorizations and operating approvals issued by the President of the General Council after consulting the maternal and child health services (PMI).
  • Whether municipal or community-based, community crèches are structures strictly controlled and regulated by the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs, DDASS and maternal and child protection, the PMI.
  • Here, we do not mess with the hygiene, safety, feeding of your child. Everything is designed to promote its awakening while meeting the standards of safety required and approved: stairs with ramps at child height, windows and door handles out of reach, secure electrical outlets, angles protected protrusions, doors equipped with anti-finger-grips, anti-slip floors, sanitary facilities adapted to the size of the children ... all the educational and utility material meets extremely stringent standards.
  • Hygiene is also very regulated by many protocols: systematic washing of the hands with an antiseptic solution, regular cleaning of the grounds, the material as well as the toys to limit the risks of contagion ...
  • The same goes for food, which responds to the main principles of nutritional balance and dietary diversification.

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