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Scorpion? A real little devil!

Scorpion? A real little devil!

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Born between October 23 and November 21, your little Scorpion sometimes gives you a hard time! Possessive and rebellious, he does not forget to be funny and tender. What are his main character traits, how do you behave with him, what games or gift ideas for his birthday?

His character

  • Wherever your little Scorpion is, there is life! It's full of energy. All day, he takes action: obstacles do not scare him. He has no equal to face difficulties and brave prohibitions: what do you put in this drawer that he has no right to open?
  • E-well! Side nonsense, he never misses ideas and it is certainly not the fear of being scolded that stops him ... Even when it is a silly thing, he can go to the end by looking straight into the eyes ! But how can he blame him when he devours you with love?
  • Possessive, jealous ... in truth, he is anxious and wants to test your love ... yet unconditional. It's up to you to prove yourself!
  • Hard, demanding, it's true, your little devil is not less secret, generous, funny and tender... when he wants it.
  • Inventive and passionate, this good little devil is a real ray of sunshine. Admit it, as soon as it is not there, you miss it.
  • It is particularly intelligent, curious, critical. He likes to pierce the mysteries, to see behind the scenes, to know what is hidden in the depths of things or beings ...

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