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Vegetarian diet, pulses, tofu ... what precautions with baby?

Vegetarian diet, pulses, tofu ... what precautions with baby?

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By which food to replace the meat in the feeding of its baby when one is vegetarian? Is tofu suitable for babies? Answers with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

By which food to replace the meat

  • Paul's question: "We are vegetarians, by what food can we replace the meat in the diet of our 8 month old daughter Nina?"
  • You can replace the meat with eggs or even better with fish.
  • But it is important to keep infant milk rich in iron and vitamin B12 (it is exclusively provided by animal products) and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). To vary, you can give, as a substitute for infant milk, milk-fortified dairy products made with infant formula.

Dried vegetables and tofu, is it good for baby?

  • Melissa's question: "We wonder if we can introduce pulses, tofu into the diet of our 9 month old daughter?"
  • Pulses are high in fiber, making them difficult to digest before 1 year. At this age, you will be able to start offering them either incorporated in small quantities in a soup of varied vegetables; either in the form of a well-cooked puree, mixed with mashed potatoes.
  • As for tofu (curd soy juice), and soy juice, they contain phytoestrogens that are not recommended for young children. They are subject to limited consumption recommendations.

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