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Questions about the Blog

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A family blog, what is it?

A blog, also called weblog, is a newspaper kept online and updated regularly, either with texts or with photos. These "tickets" can be commented by members of the community.

To create your blog, all you have to do is join the community. Go to the "My profile" page and choose, in the gray inset, if you want to create a "text ticket" or download a photo ("ticket with photo").

Text ticket: All you have to do is fill in the fields provided: the title of your ticket, the text, and if you want the keywords (for example, party, birthday, gifts). These keywords will make it easier to find other users on particular topics. The "Preview" function allows you to read your text quietly before publishing it. Once published, you can still edit your ticket (change button).

Ticket with photoYou can also put on your blog your most beautiful family photos by clicking on "ticket with photo". Fill in the title, description and text fields, and upload your image by clicking on "Browse". Here you can add keywords to improve the visibility of your ticket.

All the tickets you have written will be accessible from your profile.

After writing tickets, can I change or delete them?

It's always possible to edit or delete posts from your blog, even after they're posted. To modify them, click on the "modify" button and make the desired modifications. To delete them, click on "delete".

How can I layout my tickets?

Tickets do not accept HTML code. So, if you want to layout your tickets, add bold or italic, just go to "Edit blog settings" and check the box "Use advanced editor". You will then have access, by writing your texts, to a toolbar allowing you to add bold, italic and even insert links.

Can I write an unlimited number of tickets?

You have for your blog a storage capacity of 800MB. This limit exceeded, it is no longer possible to publish tickets or download photos. But rest assured, with 800MB, you already have a lot of space ...

Who can read my blog?

It's up to you ! You can either open it to all members of the Community, to all your contacts, or only to your family and friends. To set the parameters, click on "modify the parameters of the blog" and define who will have access to your tickets by ticking the corresponding box. Do not forget to save. If you deactivate your blog, your tickets will remain visible to your family members only. You can also adjust these settings on a one-off basis when you enter your ticket by checking the appropriate box in the right column.

About comments

If you checked the "allow comments" box by setting up your blog, other members of the Community will be able to comment on your tickets. If you do not want to, uncheck the box. You just need Here again, the comment permission can be set for each ticket and can be changed at any time in the settings of the blog. You can comment on other families' blogs by clicking on the "write a comment" button under the corresponding ticket.

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