Name Ilyass - Meaning of the Name

Name Ilyass - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The Arabic name Ilyass means "who comes from God". From Hebrew, he means "the Lord is my God".


Still no known celebrity. Your little one will be so?

Under his spelling variant Ilyas are: the free Russian wrestler Ilyas Idrisovich Bekbulatov, the kazah boxer Ilyas Suleimenov, the Turkish footballer Ilyas Kahraman and the Uzbek footballer Ilyas Zeytulaev.

Saint Elijah (or Ilyas) was a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament and the Koran. A native of Thisbe, he ardently defended the rights of the Lord before the impious kings of Israel.

His character :

Honest, Ilyass acts with righteousness and respect towards all. Encouraging sincerity, he does not suffer hypocrisy. In search of harmony, he likes to observe what is happening around him to better understand. Appreciated for his sympathy, he is attentive with those he meets.


Ilian, Iliane, Ilias, Iliasse, Ilies, Iliess, Iliesse, Illies, Illyes, Ilyan, Ilyas, Ilyasse, Ilyes, Ilyess, Ilyesse, Liesse, Ylies, Yliess

His party :

The Ilyass are in the spotlight on July 20th.

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