Name Louane - Meaning of the Name

Name Louane - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Lou-Anne's contraction coming from Lou (diminutive of Louise) and Anne.
Lou-Anne comes from the United States and met recently in France a great success. But here it is dethroned by Louane, simpler and gives many derivatives.


French singer and actress Louane Emera.

Saint Louise de Marillac was a French aristocrat who founded the daughters of Charity with Saint Vincent de Paul. With four of the first good sisters, she made a vow to fully serve Christ on March 25, 1642.

His character :

Distinguished by his energetic character, Louane is a person who never stays in place. Possessing a great adventurous spirit, she loves challenges and is always interested in new things. His curious nature has been noticed since his youth. Ambitious and determined, she easily spreads her joy of living around her. Without his presence, family reunions are sometimes silent.

Louane has a great listening ability, which makes her a good counselor and a devoted friend. As a child, she likes to help and we often find her helping out in the kitchen or in the garden, but also tidying the rooms. Louane is a girl who is involved in her family life, which is what drives her to move forward and flourish. Possessing a great sense of duty, she knows how to keep secrets or promises. To fully live his childhood and acquire the notion of trust, Louane needs demonstrations of affection and love, as well as the presence of his relatives.


Louise, Louann, Luana, Louann, Louan, Louanna, Louanne, Louhan, Louhan, Louhann, and Louana.

His party :

The Louanes are in the spotlight on March 15th.

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