Name Loriane - Meaning of origin

Name Loriane - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Loriane has its roots in the Latin "laurus" or "laurier" in French.


Lauriane Gilliéron, Swiss model and actress, elected Miss Switzerland in 2005, Lauriane Deniaud, former president of the Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes in France and adviser to François Hollande, Lauriane Truchelet, French volleyball player ... but not famous Loriane. Your little wonder, perhaps?

Loriane's patron saint is Laurent, one of the most famous Roman martyrs. Deacon of Pope Sixtus II, St. Lawrence has always been the friend of the poor. He was given the task of distributing income to the poor. He was tortured and burned on a grill in 258.

His character :

Loriane is a girl full of energy, sometimes authoritarian and very active. Frankly, she is also very independent but knows how to listen to others. Naturally sociable, she likes to be well surrounded, and often shows herself demanding towards those around her.


Lorie, Loren, Lore, Laura.

His party :

August 10 is the Lorian Festival.

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