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First aid


It is the leading cause of accidental death in children under 5 years old. If it is an infant, try Mofenson's maneuver, if the child is over 1 year old, practice the Heimlich maneuver. See the gestures To discover:
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A return to Zen

Stressful back to school? Yes, often, but it also gives the opportunity to take stock of his life as a mother, a woman, a professional. A whole program dissected by the psychologist Anne Gatecel. Back to work is often experienced as a time of great stress. Why ? Women perceive that whenever they dare to make a request for flexibility, the company often takes advantage of it to make them pay the price in one way or another.
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What if he swallows a foreign body?

See the slide show Pearl, medicine, battery ... If your child swallows a foreign body, do not panic and follow these tips. © Enfant magazine What to do if he swallows a foreign body? (3 pics) Mofenson Maneuver In infants up to 1 year, you can perform Mofenson's maneuver.
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Provencal names: Naïs

Provençal names: Naïs What sweet name that inspired Marcel Pagnol for one of his films! Diminutive Anaïs, itself Occitan form of Anne, the Hebrew "hannah", grace. Anaïs appeared in Provence and Catalonia in the middle of the 19th century. It can also be given to a little boy.
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Natural touch flex teat, Nuby Natural touch

A new material, Triton®, equips the collar of this pacifier for 100% safe use. The nipple is silicone, also guaranteed without bisphenol A, without PVC or phthalates. Its price: around € 4.59. Where to find it? A new material, Triton®, equips the collar of this pacifier for 100% safe use.
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